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Everything you need for your clinic in one system...
All in one place

Save time by having all the data in one place. Patient notes, interactive questionnaires, test results and analytic patient recommendations.

Patient Optimizer

Your patient recommendations are based on their history and medical data, along with our vast data bank of treatment protocols and results.

Increase your income

Make money from specialized supplements generated for your patient’s needs. Track your patients’ orders based on follow up interactive medical questionnaires.

Lab Interpretation

Blood, saliva and stool test lab data interpretation with treatment recommendations integrated with your patient’s medical data.

Interactive Questionnaire

Patients and physicians appreciate brief interactive questionnaires for getting an accurate clinical baselines and updates, to prescribe the most accurate treatment for their changing needs as their medical health improves.

Educational materials

Video presentations, charts and researched medical information for you to share with your patients to increase their compliance through motivation and the power of knowledge.

Auto Reminder

Auto Reminder enables you to send automatic reminders to your patients to fill out follow up questionnaires, to order needed supplements/hormones before they run out and reverse the forward progress they’ve already made.

Patients Access Their Medical System

Through usernames and passwords, patients may upload lab results, ask questions, answer monthly questionnaires and order supplements based on predictive analytics.

What we do..

Treatment Predict is based on 20 years and more than 100,000 clinical visit outcomes.
TPredict will predict your patient's treatment for you.

Make smarter and faster treatment decisions via analyzing patient medical information with predictive analytics. TPredict allows physicians to make smarter, more accurate, faster treatment decisions via analyzing your patient's medical information with predictive analytics. TPredict changes with your patient's changing medical status as evaluated by ongoing questionnaires and diagnostic medical testing including blood, stool and saliva. Yes, each and every one of your patients are unique but in the great scheme of things, through predictive patient modeling and self optimizing personalization, you will be given the best treatment plan for your patient. And at the same time, you'll be able to track your patient's supplement/hormone orders to grow your residual income.

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